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Namaste and welcome to this sacred space, a portal to the soul.
Here you will be guided beyond the asanas and through the vale of illusion into a world where a beautiful fusion of holistic ancient traditions, Indian wisdom, moon ceremonies, sound baths and healing rituals await you.

Bring forth the hidden magic inside you, be inspired, evolve and activate your divine consciousness.
Be captivated and allow yourself to be led to a path of purification, spirituality and self-development.

Begin an authentic journey where you can learn to use the elements, connect with Gia- earth , the breath, Luna and seasonal cycles, to the universe and more.

Raise your vibration & delve into the great lessons our ancestors left us, from shamanistic traditions to ancient Indian Scriptures – The Vedas.
Learn how to incorporate yoga, meditation, Ayurvedic remedies, spiritual, and natural healing rituals into your daily routine and how to manifest a life that is in alignment, has awareness, truth and is one filled with purity, gratitude and abundance.

Be guided and awakened by the vibrational energies and by the wisdom that surrounds you.
Soothe your soul and breathe new life into your senses, move with intention and allow your energy to flow.

I believe if you have found yourself here and are reading this then you have been led by perhaps your spirit guides, ancestors or higher consciousness as part of your souls journey to enlighten, discover and to fulfil your dharma -life purpose. 
So Let’s harness the power of the moon on this journey, for these teachings have been here all along waiting to be remembered and rediscovered..

Your soul is calling…
Awaken, Invoke & invigorate your inner divinity, The universe has been waiting…
Let’s begin this Journey
Beyond Asana

WISDOM – Varanasi Yoga technique

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Life is Yoga

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