The Harvest Full Moon and Autumn Equinox


Autumn Equinox

My favourite time of year, Where the universe gifts us perfect harmony and balance, and where colourful autumnal confetti falls from up high, turning our paths into a beautiful aray of oranges, reds and yellows. 

If your aligned to the universes natural Rhythms and synced  with nature then you will  understand why this is such a prime time and if not then there couldn’t be a more perfect opportunity to discover and connect, you have come to the right place! 

At this moment in time the veil between conscious & subconscious is very transparent making it easier to communicate & tune into yourself into nature, the universe and more. 

Tapping into this space is magical, and can help with all kinds of transformations, unlock answers we have been searching for, help manifest dreams, goals. It’s where we can meet our divine selfs.

95% of our brain is the subconscious, so why do we find it so difficult to consciously connect and communicate to it consciously?

my conclusion- because it takes us away from our safety net, our perceived reality, our “sense of security” we shy away from the unknown & continue to battle living our ‘reality’.

Our ‘reality’ has boundaries & limitations which cloud our visions. We carry heavy loads, emotion, other people’s emotions, guilt, fear, and the big one… Ego. 

Our modern world couldn’t really take us any further from our true reality, and because for most of us we don’t know about the magic then perhaps we have grown to quiet like it there, become accustomed to the addiction of feelings, emotions, the attachments, all which take over us.

 It’s  ‘normal’ right?… that’s just life.. 

oh my goodness!, no!! It’s not normal and it’s most definitely not life!, there’s so much more, messages & signs surround us, we just need to open our eyes, wake up and lift that veil of illusion. 

On a vibrational energy level we are dumbed down by everything that surrounds us, wifi, our heavy loads, even music! Yes music gives us a very different feel to what it use too.. 

when we enter our subconscious consciously and follow intuition those vibrational energies are elevated like never before, there are no limitations here, there’s no ego, we are free and see thing with unclouded vision. 

(more on vibrational energy coming for the blog soon!)

So whilst we are consumed in ego & our heavy loads there’s this whole other place that is waiting to be discovered, it’s dark… we are taught to fear the dark.. but actually sometimes you need to be in darkness to see the light. 


The Autumn Equinox is a moment in time where light & dark are both perfectly equal, given us a complete balance of day & night. 

At this time we are also blessed with the Harvest moon, This moon is in pisces again bringing in that equilibrium & the thinning of that vail that separates us from higher consciousness, inviting us to become the witness and observe our ourselves, realising our full potential and the magic we hold within. 

So now more than ever is the perfect time to take that step, follow your intuition and lighten that load. 

This watery zodiac sign is said to be one of the most spiritually connected, with its creative and imaginative qualities we can use these to help us move past our mind fluctuations, & connect to the universe through the pieces governed chakras-  Anja Chakra & Sahasarara chakra also know as the third eye & crown chakra. 

Meditating using Crystal such as Amethyst & Moonstone are especially helpful at this time 

Amethyst- in general a good all rounder but particularly amazing and perfect for this time as it’s connected to the Third eye chakra and said to be the bridge that connects us to the divine! 

Moonstone- perfect for any moon meditation, enhancing intuition inner growth & strength. Carrying this energy of the divine feminine will help boost the harvest moon energy, in turn really bringing in that balanced energy. 

More Shakti & less Shiva! (We definitely live in a more Shiva world! 

It is also a stone of new beginnings, so fitting for the the start of the new season!

Don’t forget full moons are great for charging up Crystals!


Diety- Ardhanarishvara – An incarnation of Lord Shiva & a representation of the masculine & feminine energies of the cosmos, demonstrating universal harmony. Perfectly balanced and equal, One can’t exist without the other.  

Singing shiva Shakti mantras during this period can be particularly beneficial in assisting the potential possibilities.

Essential oils- bergamot, lemon & frankincense, both amazing for balance , communication & healing & calming down an over stimulated mind. 

(Frankincense-also a great 3rd eye opener) 

Which ever way you choose to celebrate and connect with the Harvest Moon energy I wish you a magical journey, one of balance and divine soul connection. 

Om Satchitananda 

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