The First Summer Solstice Full Moon Retreat

Shikira, a soulful guide trained in the ancient wisdom of sound healing in India. With a deep connection to the transformative power of sound, Shakira invites you to embark on a journey of inner harmony and mental peace. Immerse yourself in therapeutic

  sessions led by Shakira, where each note serves as a gateway to profound healing and rejuvenation. Discover the profound connection between mind, body, and sound at the Temple of the Soul with Shakira as your compassionate guide.

***Announcing Our First Evening Retreat & optional all Night Puja!!**

A Summer Solstice Full Moon Evening Retreat & optional all Night Puja!!


Sacred Self Care for the Mind Body & Soul!

Join us for an evening of harnessing both lunar and Solar energy through a combination of modalities that help us connect to our higher self, and shift us towards a state of balance and harmony.
With the stunning back drop at this iconic location the evening is set to be incredible!

We are also opening our beautiful space to a limted number of guest to sleep over for an all night sound session! ( puja – equivelant to 10 continuous sound baths)

*more Puja details below.






Special Guest facilitators helping guide towards deep journeying, high vibrations & soulful connections!

The Full Moon Ceremony – Lunar talks, kundalini kriyas, mudra, mantra, releasing and letting go practices!

Sound Bath Journey – Led by two practioners playing a variety of sacred instruments, including gongs, crystalline singing bowls.

Conscious Connected Breath Work workshop- We are very excited to have an amazing guest facilorator who will be speaking about and guiding us on a journey of clearing, connecting, re energising and releasing all through using the power of the breath.

Drumming down the Sun Celebration-The evening will conclude with a Drumming down the sun celebration!

– We welcome our guest drum practitioner to bring down the sun using a selection of drums for everyone participate with- this is an ancient tradition which evokes high energy and happiness! We will learn how connect and intuitively play these sacred insteuments.

We will dance, sing, laugh, vibe high, connect and come together in tribe on this very special occasion! The summer solstice 2024!

And Finally….

The Puja! – a transcendent experience to fully welcome in & embrace the energies of the solstice by bathing in blissful waves of healing energy from sunset to sunrise.

The equivalent to 10 back to back soundbaths – a complete sound journey for shifting blocks and bringing in divine healing, insights, transformation, power and awarness.

Choose to drift into celestial slumber or meditate, either way the sound frequencies and vibrations are sure to send you on a transformative journey. At the end we will have 30 minutes of Shunyata (A profound silence like no other! – full of the healing energy of the night)

At sunrise we will close the ceremony and take time to sit in circle for beautiful sunrise rituals!

To conclude we will enjoy a light breakfast together.


*For the Puja we have decided to keep the group small for a more personal & intimate experience, and so we can incorporate personalised crystal healing & energie healing

*All on ticket types are available at checkout.



 by purchasing these tickets I agree to the below:

 – I am NOT in the first trimester of pregnancy

 -I do NOT suffer from epilepsy / Seizures

 -I have NO serious mental health challenges

-I have NO metal plates in my body

-I have had NO surgery or fractures within the last 12 weeks

 -I have consulted my doctor before attending the Ceremony due to my current conditions that may be effected by this event & have notified the host.

if you are unsure about anything & do not consent please contact me directly to discuss.


Shikira –


insta – templesforthesoul




Attending Shikira’s sound bath was a transformative experience. The soothing vibrations not only relaxed my body but also cleared my mind.


I’ve been to several sound baths before, but none were as impactful as Shikira’s. Her unique approach, combining ancient techniques with her deep understanding of sound therapy,


Shikira’s session was my first sound bath, and it exceeded all my expectations. The calming atmosphere and her expert guidance helped me release stress I didn’t even know I was carrying.

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