Blog 20th Oct Sharad Purnima

when the moon is full and saturated with the nectar of love and renewal.

This months full moon was bursting with love and guided me to take my lunar tribe  on a beautiful journey deep into the heart centre.

Harnessing the Hunters moons divine energies we went deep into soul space & looked for insights as to what our hearts truely desire, clearing out the cobwebs on the journey. 

We asked what is it our souls are calling for… what do we ‘want’ and need.. very different to what it is we ‘think’ we want and need.

We are triggered day to day by all of what our modern day life’s surround us by so it’s no surprise that things can tend to get a bit blurry & complicated when we ask the simple question.. what is it your heart & soul truly desire?..

the path to achieving goals & desires can appear long, uncertain and something within you may hold you back, things around you, expectations can all make the journey heavy.

So been clear of where we are heading is important which is why the universe gifts us with cycles, moon energies, opportunity’s to connect within and discover.

On the evening We reminded ourselves that goals are about ‘doing’

Where intentions are about ‘being’ 

And asked- who do you need to be to achieve the desired outcome?.. 

Once this is answered the ‘doing’ becomes a whole lot easier and where your heading may take a different direction as you discover new callings. 

Here’s some examples for intentions setting to get you off on the right tracks

Today I commit myself to seeing the abundance in my life

I intend to manifest more love 

I intend to be open to receiving 

I invite change 

As long as it’s positive & can evolve and about being, & if needed divided down into short term intentions  then your set to achieving your desires. 

The moon was in the firey sign of Aries, 

And the over all message was to push forward & to make change.

aligned to these energies we had the opportunity to use their quality’s to our advantage. 

Aries typical traits are, determination ambitious, enthusiastic, passionate, bold..  which are all great to tune into if you need that confidence & drive to push forward.

As always balance is key, The heightened energy can lead lead to confrontation as the Fieriness & hotheadedness of an Aries can dominate.  quick decision making and one track mindedness is an easy place to find yourself when the enthusiasm and passion of the Aries energy runs away with you. 

Releasing old patterns  and stories to grandfather fire we performed our monthly fire ceremony and asked for transformation. 

With cleared space we then journeyed into the heart guided by the spirit of cacao once there we gained insight, sewed new seeds of intention and healed at soul level through high vibrational frequencies. 

The cacao ritual is one close to my heart and to have shared it on the special evening was beautiful & incredibly powerful. 

We where blessed to be accompanied by 

All elements making their presence known by rattllings of thunder and crashes of lightning that lit up the skies. 

The rain couldn’t have fell harder but we all stayed warm and cosy under the magical aircraft hanger resulting in another spectacular full moon ceremony. 

With lunar blessings

Moon Temple 

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