August- blue Full moon

Blue moons occur every 2/3 yrs & is when there are either two full moons that fall within the Same month or have 4 within the same season. 

These moons are super charged, amplifying already existing climaxed energy, 

So an amazing & super powerful time to be connecting & harnessing divine energies. 

Full moons highlight our darker world bringing to surface all that isn’t serving your higher self, gifting you the opportunity to release and be free. With the amplified energies you may find alot going on, don’t forget to give yourself praise and celebrate all that you have accomplished & notice how far your have come, this particular moons energy is also exciting and holds opportunities of growth & good fortune!!

Named  by our natives this moon is known as the Sturgeon Moon – a big fish easily caught at this time of year.

Julys full moon opened up the Aquarian portal and has seen us through until now where we see August’s full moon bring that portal to a close leaving us with super charged Aquarian energies that are likely to continue to manifest the typical air signs traits with feelings towards change, freedom, revolution & transformation all of which we have seen throughout the Leo season. 

Use this high energy time as an amazing opportunity to use the adventurous natures of Aquarius & fearless strides of Leo to really step up & dig deep, be honest with ourselves, really pay attention &  tune into ourselves connecting on a soul level and really listen and gain a deeper understanding.

Releasing all that is holding us back, no looking back we can clear the path ahead making space to plant new seeds of growth in time for the new lunar cycle. 

A chakra cleanse would be a great place to start, so our energies can flow with ease and so that we con feel the health benefits aswell as having an easier connection to source. 

also calling in the energies of Ganesha to help keep us grounded whilst removing any blockages is a must, having that added support , feelings of security and remaining rooted and humble is where is all begins 

Happy Big Blue Full Moon

Moon Temple 🌙

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